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xReminder Pro - History

 Version 4.2.2
  • Fixed minor bugs
 Version 4.2.1
  • Updated holidays up to 2010
  • Fixed minor bugs
 Version 4.2
  • Added real Westminster chimes
  • Added Time Zone formats
  • Added the Lock Window Position option for the Floating Clock
  • Modified the Minimize/Restore All Reminders feature
  • Modified sound options
  • Fixed the Minimize feature
  • Fixed minor bugs
 Version 4.0
  • Added the ability to show time in different time zones
  • Added Always on Top feature (Floating Clock)
  • Added Minimize All Reminders option
  • Added Restore All Reminders option
  • Added the ability to mute sound at the specified time (for example at night)
  • Added Transparency to the Floating Clock (Windows 2000/XP)
  • Added Do not grab the focus option
  • Added Bring reminder windows to top option
  • Added Accept and Delete buttons to the context-menu of reminder windows
  • Added the day of the week to the date fields in dialog boxes
  • Added the ability to enter time like 745 (7:45 AM), 2255 (10:55 PM), etc.
  • Added Minimize All Reminders hotkey
  • Added Write Log file option
  • Added Clear Log option
  • Updated holidays
  • Changed behavior of reminder windows
  • Chimes are available when the Floating Clock is disabled
  • Modified representation of duration in the Event List
  • Fixed various minor bugs
 Version 3.9
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP support
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Timezone Bias format (Floating Clock)
  • Custom shortcut key for stopwatch
  • Custom shortcut key for countdown timer
 Version 3.8
  • Added the ability to synchronize your computer's clock with Atomic Time Servers
  • Added an option View Disabled events
  • Added a default event type for new events
  • Improved support of 16 & 256 colors
  • Improved work with global hotkeys
  • Fixed a problem in "Future notifications"
  • Fixed event list printing with a different column order
  • Fixed a bug in Properties dialog box
  • Fixed a restore default event types feature
 Version 3.7.3
  • Improved import feature
  • Corrected import mode "Allow duplicates to be created"
  • Corrected overdue status of reminders
 Version 3.7.2
  • Added option "Hide Delete button from reminders for recurring events"
  • Added customizable sound to play at the top of the hour
  • Added customizable sound to play on the half hour
  • Fixed week numbering at the Floating clock
  • Fixed overdue status
 Version 3.7.1
  • Removed auto-hide feature for snoozed events
  • Fixed problem in tray calendar
 Version 3.7
  • Added "Age" column to the main window
  • Automatic calculation of the age for yearly events
  • "Delete" button in reminder dialog box for recurrent events
  • Simple recurrence pattern for yearly event types
  • Wake Up feature for snoozed events
  • Enabling and disabling groups of events
  • Custom shortcut key for creating new event
  • Fixed some bugs
 Version 3.6
  • Added "Purge accepted events" feature
  • Added chime at the top of the hour
  • Added chime on the half hour
  • Added "Hide reminder" feature for overdue events
  • Added "Remember last snooze period" feature
  • Sound options are stored between sessions
  • Fixed a bug in Pop-up Calendar and Printing settings
  • Corrected date displayed for snoozed events
  • Fixed a positioning problem with autohide taskbar
 Version 3.5
  • Corrected representation of the dates in the main window
  • Customizable workweek and week-end days
  • Processing of week-end reminders
  • Unlimited number of custom filters
  • Holidays Import
  • Files with the holidays for many different countries
  • Temporary disabled reminders
  • Smart import of duplicates
  • Basic Hebrew support
  • Fully customizable Floating Clock
  • Swatch Internet Time
  • Printing page setup dialog box
  • Ending date for recurrent events
  • Header columns reordering
  • Ascending/Descending sorting
  • Accepted flag is cleared when an event is modified
  • Removed full blocking of reminders while any dialog box is active
  • Fixed import from csv files (problem with dates)
  • Fixed print preview and printing problems
  • Fixed a bug with duration sorting
  • Fixed a small bug with week repetition
  • Fixed a bug with minimized reminders
  • Fixed small bugs
 Version 3.2
  • Customizable pause for sound repetition
  • Preview feature for new events
  • Collapse/Expand feature for reminder dialog boxes
  • Predefined start time for different event types
  • Resizable reminder dialog boxes
  • Custom font and colors for reminder dialog boxes
  • Always on Top feature for reminder dialog boxes
  • "Stop repetition of sound" option in reminder dialog box system menu
  • You can use "+SPAN" format for start time field. For example: +22 minutes (from the current time)
  • Smart modification of events. (If time parameters don't change)
  • Tray calendar has "New Event" right-click pop-up menu
  • Filtering of accepted events
  • Custom font for Date Panel
  • Ability to accept or stop snooze for events in the Main Window
  • Fixed small bugs
 Version 3.0
  • Print Preview is available
  • You can print notes for events
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Tray calendar is available
  • New and old styles for time picker
  • Snooze "before start" feature
  • Fixed small bugs
  • Fixed "snooze" bug for recurring events
 Version 2.6.1
  • You can now use countdown timer
  • New design for stopwatch and countdown timer
  • Corrected continuous mode for reminder sound
  • Fixed small bug with registry
 Version 2.6
  • xReminder Pro and xReminder Light are available
  • Find feature
  • Custom event types are now available
  • You can create your own types with custom colors, icons, sounds, and more..
  • You can quickly change type of any events
  • Week numbers in the pop-up calendar is available
  • You can view properties of the selected event
  • Quick filtering is available
  • Error log for importing events is now available
  • You can import only selected part of events
  • Fixed bug with importing events from CSV files with X:XX AM time format
 Version 2.5
  • You can print events from main window
  • You can set Duration for an event
  • You can hide reminders for events that have already passed. For example - TV program
  • xReminder is an Editors' Pick by the PC World Online
  • Fixed bug with playing MIDI files
 Version 2.3.6
  • Sound files are included
  • You can set Shortcut Key for "Restore" main window action
  • You can now minimize reminder dialog box even if another dialog box is open it is convenient when an "Always on top" option is used
  • You can use accelerators in Reminder dialog box and can't accidentally make an action
  • Fixed small bug with recurrence dialog box initializing
 Version 2.3.5
  • Customizable fonts for Main Window and Pop-up Calendar
  • Date format on toolbar uses regional settings
  • Fixed small bug with filter for sound files
 Version 2.3
  • xReminder is a 5-star Editors' Pick by the ZDNet Software Library
  • Fixed small bug for recurring events
  • You can now set a different MIDI files to play for each reminder
  • You can now create stopwatch timer
  • You can now manually edit reminder and snooze time intervals in combo-boxes
 Version 2.2
  • You can now set a different .wav file to play for each reminder
  • You can now copy and paste events
  • Office 97 style bitmap Menu
 Version 2.11
  • You can now minimize reminder dialog box (useful when "Always on top reminder dialog box")
  • Reminder remembers last snoozed period for an event
  • You can use the specific snoozing periods such as "5 minutes before event"
  • You can use context menu in Main Window
  • In "Options" dialog box you can now set up "Always on top reminder dialog box"
  • Some minor bugs fixed
 Version 2.0
  • New flexible and scalable format of events
  • Added Event Notes field (up to 2048 characters)
  • Added Reminder field (the amount of time prior to the event to display the reminder)
  • Advanced settings have been added for each recurrence type
  • These settings allow much more powerful custom events so you can specify events such as: Repeats an event at the daily interval specified. Repeats the event on the specified days at the selected week interval Repeats an event on a specified day of the month, at a specified monthly interval. Repeats an event on a particular week, on a specific day of the week, at a specified monthly interval; for example, the third Tuesday, every three months. Repeats an event on a specified day of a specified month. Repeats an event on a particular week, on a specific day of the week, of the specified month; for example, the first Monday in May
  • You can now open event dialog box from reminder window
  • You can now delete event from reminder window
  • You can navigate the start date for current view using hotkeys or menu items from View menu (Next/Previous Day, Next/Previous Month)
  • Reminders may be set for minutes, hours, days or weeks before an event
  • Added the ability to set Default Reminder Time (the amount of time prior to the event to display the reminder) in Options dialog box
  • Added the ability to set sound length to 'until accepted'
  • Added the ability to remember the last date and view of main window
  • Added system tray icon context menu item called Suspend that allow you to disable/enable appearance of all reminders without shutting down the entire application
  • Import and Export of xReminder Event Files added, that also allows you to archive and porting data
  • Import Comma Separated Files added, that allows you to import events from a text file
  • Import Tab Separated Files added, that allows you to export events to a text file
  • Fixed problem with Pop-up Calendar on Windows NT
  • From Event menu removed item Delete accepted
 Version 1.0
  • Original version