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xReminder Pro - Feature List

Intuitive interface
  You can start working with xReminder Pro immediately after installation, without additional training.

Customizable event types
  You can create your own event types or customize predefined ones.

Recurring events
  The program provides very flexible recurrence patterns for almost any reminder type and calculates the age of yearly events.

Color reminder windows
  Reminders for different event types have different colors, sound options, etc.

Customizable Floating Clock
  The program contains fully customizable Floating Clock with real Westminster chimes and supports different time zones and Swatch Internet Time.

Synchronizing your computer's clock
  xReminder Pro can synchronize your system time with Atomic Time Servers via the Internet.

Stopwatches and Countdown timers
  You can create any number of stopwatches or countdown timers.

Import and export
  xReminder Pro supports import and export of data in native and commonly used file formats.

  The holidays of over 30 countries are available for import into xReminder Pro.

Printing capabilities
  xReminder Pro allows you to preview and then print events for any range of dates.

Work in the taskbar status area
  When you start xReminder Pro it adds an icon to your taskbar status area (also known as "system tray"). Right-click on the icon to display a context menu with various commands. Double-click on the icon to show the xReminder Pro Main Window.
xReminder Pro icon in the system tray

Run at the system start
  You can configure xReminder Pro to automatically start when you turn on your computer.

Fully functional evaluation
  The free evaluation version works exactly as the registered version.

Want to get more?
  Take a look at Calendarscope.